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Our Values

This year, our fifth graders revealed the new Peirce acronym and all school flamingo behavior rules. These represent the overarching values of the Peirce community and enable our students to succeed at school and in life. Through partnership between school and home we can successfully instill these values in our students. After time apart through the pandemic, we want to recommit to our positive Peirce community. We are excited to share this with all of you and like I always say, “Flamingos Flock Together!” 
Your Friend,
Feathers the Flamingo
At Peirce we are...
Persistent. We persevere through all situations in spite of difficulty.
Empathetic. We understand the feelings and experiences of others.
Inclusive. We actively and intentionally engage with a diverse community. 
Respectful. We use positive words and body language. We accept everyone for who they are.
Creative.We are innovators. We look at all possibilities to solve problems and generate ideas. 
Exceptional. We stretch to our potential and put in our personal best effort.