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School Information

Peirce is an outstanding K-5 elementary school made up of 365 students. Our community prides itself on being an a space that engages all families, students, and staff. We try every day to center the student experience around equitable access to content, learning and resources.
Our school celebrates Peirce Pride which means that we focus on teaching our students how to be Persistent, Empathetic, Inclusive, Respectful, Creative and Exceptional. We demonstrate our Peirce Pride in many ways: every Friday we wear Peirce clothing, we regularly have community events (Peirce Fun Run, Bingo Night, Fall Festival and more!), and we have an outstanding PTO group.
Lastly, we are a school that strives to include joy and growth in all that we do each day. Welcome to Peirce elementary!
Peirce elementary school was first built in 1924 and named after Captain Solomon Peirce, a Revolutionary War soldier. Captain Peirce served as a minuteman under Captain John Parker and was wounded at the Lexington Green, the first battle of the Revolutionary War. He went on to fight at Bunker Hill and other battles throughout the war. The school was demolished in 2001 and rebuilt in 2003.